Saturday, January 30, 2010

My dearest sis 27th birthday..
Feel sentences that would like to express to you:
I miss you deeply..
I hope you will still here with us..
and things will change..
and i wont be suffering alone at here...
you can help half of my burden..
I may argue with you when we will young..
and when you back in home..
but i love to play with you..
i maybe be pampering by mum
but still mum alwiz love you..
Jie.. Happy Birthday..
I want to say i'm brave enough..
to see you all by my alone..
and no fear with me from now...
please guide me all the way..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Learn From Mistake

Guess, today is my 1st time make mistake in the office make me depress..
this mistake i should not have make..
i do regret and i'm asking myself why i have been so clumsy?
am i do confident or am i not suitable in this industry?
is do make me shame doing this mistake..
As what my boss told me everyone do have mistake..
no ones is perfect..
mistake is for you to gain improvement ..
without mistake you wont going up to the high postition...
i must be tought no more cry baby .....
i big enough...
Is fun working in the entertainment where can meet alot of artiste..
in other hand paper work is important too..
yes i hate doing paper work..
i love operations.. i love working till late night ..
and hate waking up early before the sun rise..
2 more months..
i need to have a final answer for myself..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finally a week,
i change my place... change my job scope...
but why my salary din have increment yet...
The old place.. i seated a corner where nobody know what i'm doing..
and i just handle concert's show.. were are relaxing...
but now.. i seated right infront my "best" superior and her eyes are dam sharp who can see what i typing and doing...even i replying an email..
stress.. and officially i will have more work where now i need to know about events..
like bands.. events.. launching... and so on.. basically need to aware about 90% what the company are doing..
Yes.. is a great news for me that i could learn a lot of things..
but i hopefully the colleagues could help me as i'm still newbie...
and now i have no time to play games..
work every hour.. where alot of work need to follow up..
yes i'm back with my interest and full of work...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wedding dinner

Last Sunday is Fu Jen wedding,
First time attend colleague wedding dinner..
The dinner held at Golden Dragon Boat..
Overall the dinner was okay only...
The grand ceremony bride & groom was a bit disappointed for me..
coz there is no live on the LCD screen...
and there only have 1 LCD screen..
where those guest seaters at the side of the ballroom..
wont get to see clearly...
How about the food?
1st five dishes was okay..
after the prawn the dishes was so so only..
well let's pic do the talking..

Group pic with GESB colleague, ex-colleague & promoters...

without my om..

all leng lui...
showing her assest..
and someone peeping.. opssssss...
well i enjoying the night..
pics with bride & groom need to wait..
as the photographer are not finalize yet...
will upload to fb once i get all the photo..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finally is my 3 months in the company..
still got 3 more months to go and then hopefully i will become confirm staff...
the 1st day of the year of working,
4 Jan..
everytime after operations from genting,
the next day will be alot of compiling file to be done..
i hate the day because everytime the whole office like war..
here nag there nag..
and nag like nobody business..
And then finish work is my 1st outing with my colleagues...
in conjuction celebrate my colleague bachelor day
as she will getting marry this sunday..
and also one of the ex colleague birthday..
as you all know i seldom sing k with frens..
coz i'm banana...
i love too sing but i duno the word ..
is like so weirdo..
but that day i open my mouth.. i sing..
haha.. but less ...
is a good trying thou...
Is time for group pic again...
me , Jen( the bride of this sunday), alison, yen, uncle fong, tuck , paul

natasha, jen, alison, yen , uncle fong , pau lee, and paul


Mr. Paul, he a great entertainer..
he a great PR manager ..
he owes the whole night..
well done..