Friday, November 27, 2009


I been using back public transport since i'm start work...
This situation i have not encounter before....
Last wed, I was super duper fed up with the train...
Is sux.... I reach ktm at 6.30pm...
the train suppose to come at 6.45 and then announce
delay till 7.20... wth... delay for 45 minutes...
wait and wait...
is so dam long que...
i cant get in to the train..
they are pushing each other and trying to get into the train..
Hello, please be educational abit ppl...
Let those who want to move out to move out 1st
then only go in..
I dun understand why here have so many uneducated people...
The 1st train i cant go in.. waited 2nd train came at 7.57pm..
wtf... another 30 minutes again...
yes this time manage to get into train..
where the train is full of people...
where u can smell of alot weird smell..
Finally i reach my destination at 8.20pm...
took 2 hours plus to reach home..
1st time ever...
i hate taking KTM....

Monday, November 23, 2009


Is kinda late to post this ...
i'm so busy with work and
i only manage to catch up this movie on last sat...
is awesome..
the movie was great...
all this question pop up my mind when i'm watching this show..
if the world end who you will think off?
how you try to escape?
what would you to do???

the love they still have for each other...

and yes.. i did..
think of my beloved ..
treasure every single moment that you have or else
when once gone means gone..
there is no return nor turning back...
appreciate the one that love you..
always be the support you..
and be the one who protect you
when you are in danger...
I treasure every single moment...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to basic

Yes.. i change back my template to the basic..
i'm too lazy to update my blog..
busy working.. busy outing..
just do not have time to blog..
yea time to talk back my life...
yes.. i meet the new one..
but i just could say sorry..
i'm the one for you..
i'm not belonging to you..
perhaps you should give up the hope..
you cant accept who am i..
just forget everything..
i'm a wild girl.. like to party.. hang out..
not the lame girl...
i'm just pretending to be good..
but i cant...
all these days..
how i treat you.. care about you...
i do have...
i do hope you understand...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blossom of Love

This is my 1st operations job in genting..
bringing artist..
famous artist from TVB..
fans are waiting for..
i'm kinda nervous coz is my 1st time bring the popular artist..
overall i enjoy the whole operations...
now i have to wait till wubai countdown i only can go for operations..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Working life

Is 1 month i'm with this company...
i'm still very new in this industry
as i only have half a year experience in events
but not in entertainment where dealing with artist
where had a lot of paper work for filing to refer back
and also doing report..=.=
the superior and boss are too much with their style of working
without consider other ppl feeling...
is it the age gap?
is it i do not know how to speak hokkien?
or i'm not suitable to fit in ur company?
yea i noe graduates are not welcome..
experience ppl are most welcome..
but if u dun give a chance for fresh graduates, how you know the capability of her/him??
Everyday early in the morning,
Hearing bosses shouting to the employees...><
yea i know i'm sitting a corner that no one know what i'm doing..think i'm fb always..
hello.. i know when i'm work i wont login to fb..during the 1st week i'm too free.. what u expect .. sit there and see u
Hopefully after the 1st operation in genting would change my mind..
if not i will quit...

Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm so sorry neglected my blog for a week..
been busy working and outing..
no time to blog..
as i facing computer average 10hrs a day..
go back home i dun feel like facing..
well.. here i will post my penang trip..
This is the 1st time ever i drive to another state..
1st time experience : is not easy driving for long journey
with the condition of not enough sleep.. is dangerous
luckily you the one who keep talking with me..
without u i think the car will crush..
I had plan this trip since few months ago..
the actual plan supposed to go with my babes..
but i let my babe ffk ..
therefore, you guys are there to back up me
and make this trip succesful although
some incident happen in between the days we at there...
let's the picture do the talking..
we depart at 8am in 1st rest house...
which i noe is after kepong turn out..

finally saw the sign board..

camwhore abit while waiting to go onboard to ferry heading to island..

in our room.. camwhore..

food come... delicious.. oyster with fried egg..


shell.. si ham.. bloodyyyyyy....

thx for taking the thingy for me..

group photo.. except Stanley..

the photographer.. lol...

And lastly, thanks for everything

what you had did in there and now..

i appreciate every single thing that u did...

* FOR more PICS in penang, visit my facebook plz..