Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yo ,
I'm back from redang..
will update the pic soon..
now wanna go out for work..
miss you guys.. next stop perhentian k?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm hate the way u treated me...
i wish the time could stop right there..
i'm just step into your pile of shit...
*speechless*time to say STOP...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yes, finally i handed up my SWE report with 57 pages..
first ever report that i did all by myself..
i was rushing to finish the weekend..
as that weekend i was in singapore..
friday evening , i went to singapore and reach there around 6.30pm..
taking air asia flight..
the service is so terrible as my grandma is old and the distance from we check in to the gate
is extremely far..
and when i booked the ticket we already requested for wheel chair..
but then when i check in my air ticket,
said need to go R33 counter for wheel chair..
and i went there they said go up to terminal there and take..
is it they treated malaysian old people like that?
and when i reach the changi airport at terminal 1,
i embarked the last one coz waiting for the wheel chair
and end for the freaking 15 minutes waiting ,
the wheel chair din turn up..

reached changi airport,
my cousin and her daughter, qi le..
and then sent my grandma to aunt house
and i follow my cousing back house..
that nite at home..
rush for the report
as sat..i'm out for shopping all alone..
funny thing is ..
i'm lost when i reach woodland mrt station..
then i take bus back to my cousin house..
and i cant find her block..
dam it.. suppose to go down on the 4th station
but then i went to 551 block
and she stay at 543..
i'm so careless.

this one of my favourite in sg..
get to eat the next day morning.
which is my last day...
after that go to budget terminal
take tiger airways..
is another same accident like in LCCT..
same service..
overall rate for this two plane 2/10
total spend in sg is $370 for 2days half..
waiting for redang trip now...

Friday, May 8, 2009

My poor little boy is sick..
I hope you will recover soon ya..
I should get my mind to start my SWE report which deal on 18th MAY..
10days more to complete..
i'm so stress with the workload i have now..
i need real motivation now.. serious..
please help me...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It was bad luck for the 1st week of class..
and also is the new beginning of new semester..
which also i will be graduate in 3 months time..
Everyone around me ask me what happen to chest?
No, i'm not fall down or accident..
At 1st, i thought it was just those rashes only while after i drank alcohol..
but is pain and is bloody dam pain..
till monday i can't stand it..
i need to see doctor and realize..
is i having shingles in my chest, my back and my left hand..
That why u will see me in my jacket or long sleeve..
Shingles is something so called snake (cantonese) left hand.. is whole hand with red spot and blister..

my chest..
i just feeling like chop my hand. back and my front skin down..
is disgusting and geram when i see it..
but lucikly is not pop up in my face..
if not i gonna cry...
now is getting recover..
hope will alright by next week..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm super freaking headache and tired
after vomiting what i had eat yesterday night ..
yesterday went to my fren 21st birthday party..
as the party going so dulll..
and the discussion go on..
then plan to go barcelona..
is took us for an hour to decide where to go..
2 bottles of Otard finish by 9 of us within 2 hours..
sigh man..
is been so long that din club with you guys .
for a years right??

toto and uu
she is drunk..=.=
poor little girl

omg my face is so dam red..
have no idea how many cups i drank..

well no comment..
we still normal after everything..

sorry ya make u kinda blur after the last shot..
the sticker *thumbs up*

Finally, i need to take a rest..
i'm super dead now..
btw, i'm in love with iphone after playing my fren's iphone..
anyone willing to sponsor me??
or buy me as my birthday present which 2 more months..