Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to be reunion during CNY
with all the relative which are close, not close, far , dramatic etc etc...
The first day of CNY,
will be different this time as mum are not with me this year...
i didn't go anywhere coz need to wait all the relative come to my house..
as my grandma is staying with me..
the young ones need to go to the elderly house (olden time)..
this time will be i doing all the serving, cleaning the house..
sigh.. my house is not that big..but cleaning the house is dam tiring....
since mum is in oversea.. we the family use skype to chat ...
was talking to grandma
*thanks azriy korkor for taking the snap*

2nd day went over to my aunty house for "hoi lin"
Guess what..
i'm late reach there and everyone start eating..
let's pic do the talking...

food.. chicken, prawn,fish, soup, mix vegetable and etc
aunt cook skill improved

with the nieces...


cousins.. aunty... nieces..

*part of them in pic *
the other part of them gone into pluto world

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year..
Is another year again with the year of tiger..
Go relative house, friends house and all of routine for the whole week of holiday...
where my sleeping time turn over...
Will update more once i'm back in home..