Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just complete my law assignment...
what the hell is law?
freedom of speech?
freedom of press?
i just simply do..
without any sense..
i'm wondering why when i'm young i have the enthusiasm to be lawyer..
is freaking so hard for me..
phew lucky i din choose the law course..

oh yea.. how's my weekend?
transformer 2 was great..
megan fox hot..
i watched 1.30am at BTS cinema..
and finish movie at 4.15am..
wow.. is in the morning.
time for breakfast..
first time very watch so early movie..
and this is the last time..
sorry for my smart thinking..
overall is a great show..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For those who know what i'm doing this week,
is been a tiring weekend i have..
rushing for assignment,
preparing for MISS SIC 09 final,
is a hell boom for me..
no pic taken..
friday was preparing for MISS SIC at mos..
arrive MOS at 4pm..
waiting the finalist came..
and i prepare all the sash.. arange the stage..
wow.. is tiring i tell u..
and the girls was giving me *shake head*
and nervous.. out of sudden a girl ffk..cant imagine..
but everything went smooth..
congratulations APRIL YAP get a chance to represent malaysia to japan..wow..
and sat i went to super gt with this pass.
yes i get crew pass.

but on the actual day race which is on sunday i give up ..
i din attend due to my assignment pass up on monday.
on that day was rushing econs..
wasted an event..
sigh man...
i'm love doing last minute things..><

mid term post pone next week ^^
class at 3 later..>< sien..
2 more day class and here my weekend..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This month is a torturing month for me..
just finish my HR assignment
few more assignment dueing
week by week.. argh is killing me ..

22/6 - economics assignment
23/6 - Exhibition ops mid term
25/6 - Exhibition ops Part 2 due
29/6 - Moral final
30/6 - Law assignment
omg is freaking shit ....
and i this week dam busy wei..
fri- super gt pageant final at MOS sigh.. pray the girls wont give me hardtime in last minute..
sat- might be free
sun- sepang super gt..
omg holy shit..
plus super freaking work + loads of assignment ...
die dot com...

Is your 21st birthday..
sorry for the late post..
was busy on monday
Happy belated !!!
Sorry for being disappointed to you..
That me k!!
anyway do remember what i have tell since the 1st day
til now...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yes, 2 down
economic and HR mid term done..
left exhibition ops..
this month is killing me..
tons of assignment dealing 1 week by 1 week..
holy shit..

for those who needed job please tell me:
Sampling Girls For Lancome.20,21,27&28 June,
12pm-6pm(1hr Break).
Venues: midvalley, klcc, pavillion, sogo, 1 utama.
Payment RM100/day.
Interview: 12 JUN(Friday)11am, Level13a Damansara Uptown 2.
For those who interested please contact Sara-012 206 5410. Thanks

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Restaurant XiaoFeiJiang

Yesterday i had my late dinner,
wanted to eat roti canai...
and on the way walking to mamak..
i saw this new open restaurant xiaofei jiang,
located at seri kembangan,
FYI, is at galaxy cc that row of shop..
i said come lets go try..
and then..
i regretted to go in..

Environment of the shop..
the food was extremely lousy..longan nata de coco
tasteless add milk with it..

sucks..is tasteless

chocolate milk..
no chocolate taste..
milk only...

pork burger..
bread can eat only..

my 1st and my LAST time in that restaurant..

why finish it?
due to not to waste food..
force to eat..
and i'm hungry that time
ps: dun ask me go that shop again..
let u kek sei me..

Redang Part 2

Part 2..
i'm still missing the crystal clear water... T-Tthank alot xiao hei, who brings us to see alot of kind of fish and beauty of the sea

at the beach in the afternoon where the sun strike in the middle..
sun burn wei..
have lot of month..

four of us camwhore..

darlings, remember this video.. LMAO

night time more more tea inn..
where we bought our souvenir there..

the cupid love..

the scenery where we stay..

have u saw police stop to check license in the sea?
this is the 1st time i saw..
when we on the way back to jetty to back to KL..
the police stop the boat to check all the boats whether they have vaild license..

and those police's mouth really crap alot..

bye pelangi resort

lastly, after few hours in the beach during noon..
and the effect of my face..
red and sun burn..
Perhentian next stop..
wait i back ya if i successful out from here..

Friday, June 5, 2009

finally have the mood to blog..
redang is fun..
we depart at PWTC 10pm bus..
and reach KT bus station 5.00pm..this is how we react..
From left Sim: smsing bf
Sara: dreaming..
Yue: i wan go toilet.. dam why the toilet is closed..

morning morning camwhore.. haha..

Present my wai yue..
thx for organize after 4 years plan..
sim fafa..busy on the phone for the whole trip..
ish ish

leng crazy girl and me which alwiz lose char dai di with u..
will revenge 1 day..

4 of us before we step down to redang island..

crystal clear water..
jumping in..

ego cat in pelangi resort

after 1st snokerlling in deep sea..
playing at the beach with whitty sand..

wei u 2 walk faster.. pak tor meh..

playing sand.. lol
why my hand at there? lol

haha this pic.. 5x only manage to capture..
i noe i'm noob..

marine park trip

will blog part 2 later..