Tuesday, July 29, 2008

chiropactic day

this afternoon went to pgrm to see chiropactic doctor..
when i first enter the door,
all are oldies which age 50+, t
there here it goes..
i: i'm the youngest here?
mum: yea.. old women..
i: sigh...
then the nurse ask me change clothes..
to the blue uniform ..
after that, the doctor ask many thing..(as usual lor0
then go to another room do some muscle test...
after that go for Physiotherapy test..
which i lay down on a chair and turn me to 45 degrees...
after all this, the doctor twist my back spinal..
can hear all those *pop* sound..
haiz.. friday need to go back again...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

yesterday went to victoria station for dinner..
the service is not what i expect..
w: how many pax?
i: i said 3 pax.
w: she go ask the guai lou how many pax
*the guai lou behind us*

the grape juice and whole stack of grape juice in the wine barrel

rib eye steak

this is the house pouring wine..
after drink till the btm only realize got sendiments..
which they open vintage wine for serve house pouring..

the service was terrible bad...not going back to there again..

final exam coming in a week time..
haven start doing revision yet..
i wan to go to tioman..

Thursday, July 24, 2008


finish my stupid coursework.. which i duno what the hell i crap for that subject..
this morning woke up..
my mood good..
so i plan to try to cook maggi mee..
and i success to cook it..
the first time i use the stove..
and also i manage to break the egg...
i noe it looks not nice..
1st time i cook by myself..
wat u expect...

go eat steamboat i can break the egg lar..
u guys dun alwiz say i duno lar...

Monday, July 21, 2008


my weekend spent in nat' s house for assignment..
tonight still need to go over her house and overnight...
going to burn mid night oil again...
kinda fan now..
need to think about my SWE which is coming dec till april 09..
i gonna enjoy this coming sem break in august to till max...

Friday, July 18, 2008

19th birthday

my 19th birthday cake

went to jogoya for dinner with my darlingsunagi n salmon for yue ..
i waiting u come back la..
miss u to blow water ler.

some weirdo pic.. eat too full till sot liao.. haha..
thanks for accompany me ya...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Phuket Part 2


capture by leetien.. i'm sleeping inside..
waiting for fara to go beach..

patong beach.. miss it..
wave... *miss*

they doing wat?

beach dog.. can swim..

Phuket fantasea
5 star restaurant

fighting for food with elephant.. LOL

guess what is this?

after the show.. paul frank group..
and hang out till late.. lol.. miss the day..


before depart, go get something cool..

group picture be4 we depart to airport...

our lunch at burget king..
see the price..

innocent me

kena punch by lee tien.. *sob*

too boring while waiting for flight..
omg angeline have 3 legs??

cotton candy.. i wan :P

view in klang valley from the air plane