Monday, October 19, 2009

After 5 days of working and seating in the office doing nothing,
on the friday nite... hop into club..
where i usually hit..
Poppy time.. to celebrate desmond birthday..11 angels with a guy
is his birthday the one who ask me to attend
after dinner together with his family celebrate uncle's birthday..
and then i meet many of my babes..
since after high school we did not meet..
no time to take pic..
we take pic next time ok???
and also bump into natalie..
nat and mua

that day was a bit tipsy..
as usual headed for yum cha session
and i was super super tired that time..
after eat and i rush them to go home..
and have a good sleep...
that my friday life..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is the first week of my new job and also my first company.
yes last thursday i received call from genting entertainment s/b
and this week i'm officially join part of the company.
my position in the company as a operations coordinator
working up in the morning is killing me
and i need to be at office 8.30am.. argh..
Well, i din do much thing..
just sit at office..
online.. blogging.. fb-ing..
and some paper work..
* i hate paper work. i wan to do operation side.
my colleague are friendly but the top management ahem...
i just bored at the office..
* i miss school life... sleeping time.. party...

Monday, October 12, 2009

graduation 09

Last friday, is my graduation day..
after the 2 years 5 months..
all the hardwork.. rushing assignment...
rushing project..
burning midnight oils for final to score ..
and here it goes..
only 4 of us successful graduate ..
when i first enter, my class have 11 student..
and 1 sem gone lesser and lesser..
and here come the four of, nat, lee tien, angeline..
thanks for the 2 years and 5 months..
we in a same group
doing assignment..
perhaps we have some arguement...
rushing project..
i miss the days...

me and mr lai...
who thought the whole semester 4 & 5..
the funniest, coolest lecturer in sunway..
never expect that u would come..

and lastly, thanks my mum for support me
and of course my dad who support me financially...

and now i'm graduate with diploma with merit..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

F*cked Up

I learn a brand new lesson again.
being a good person is not a good thing..
to those who are so f*ck up..
i dun give a dam with you guys..
just being so cruel to us..
when u guys are down..
we did help u a lot..
almost everything....
and in the end we get this kind of treatment,
with all the years ,
we share the happiness together but now
is a no no no...
due to those of the attitude..
is so childish and with so irrational thoughts...
I wont the learn the same road...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lantern festival

Lantern festival..
this change perhaps will be different coz i'm not celebrating with behalf of mine..
yes i'm celebrate with my frens...
with the gang i less hang out in a year time..
but now eventually group back together...
frens is always be there for u to bring the happiness back..
i wondering why that day many of frens call me up
ask me go out..
but i choose to go for a gang..
and elson told me come we play the f**king tanglung..
haha.. i impress with the word..
reached his house around 11pm..
and then prepare.. light up candle..

and then we write our wishes in the 'hong meng tang'

yes i wrote my wishes..
and definitely wont know wat i written
coz i SCRIBBLE .. haha
enjoy the nite..


last week busy with interview,
should say everyday also have interview..
few company called up for 2nd interview
but i reject them..
coz the job is not like i want to..
waiting for genting entertainment..
i think wont succeed..
just forget about it..
looking for more job now..
events company need experience..
wtf!! ppl dun hired me how going i get experience..