Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yea finally the day had come,
waited for long long since few months ago,
and i'll be seeing my dad later..
and go for vacation..
island... shopping....
will be in the country next fri...
sry guys, yesterday let u all waited so long..
i'm apologize..
wait i'm back... i let u all win back...

i miss u guys...
take care...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Times fly so fast..
It seem everyone who close to me are leaving for further study or perhaps migrate there...
and for me i confirm leaving next year but the place still not confirm...
well, i suppose to blog about a couple of my frens who not know long ago..
but this couple of weeks hanging out with them...
we eat, we gamble, we party, we hangout together, and we trip togehter...
all the laughter that brings up together..Is you two..
ah bao: all the best in ur studies in Taiwan..
i'm waiting free ticket TV show in Taiwan
Kai xian: be the best accountant come back...
wish u two really stand strong on the love..

On sunday morning, woke up early and went to KLIA to sent off kai xian...
The environment in there makes me think back when i'm sent my sis off...
the feeling is just cant describe thru.. when think back ...
Seeing a gf sending off her lovely darling are the hardest thing to do...
where the darling pampering for few years.. and now everything must be independent..
I do admire u, bao that u stay strong and tears did not roll down till ur cheek when
he is walking thru the immigration...
If i were u i definetely cry loud out...
Anyway, all the best for both of you..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

sailor rest

I'm so lazy to update my blog..
and i'm back..
after my final.. friday went to sailor rest at janda baik..
first time, drive to outstation..
is fun..ok lar.. but unforturnetely thx to sam for making my car...
shit need repair lor.. sigh..
*i will claim from you...
the trip suppose is 3 day 2 nite but i left the 2nd day..
sorry guys..
the place was super big till can play hide and seek..
but worst see too many mosquito during the day...
is a nice place during the nite..
cooling.. relaxing..
wont talk much about it..
pics in my facebook
and some in here..

this helps us to pass our time...
and i learn some new game to play..

the gang..
and 2 will going off for further study
and it seem everyone will leaving soon...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Long Long holiday~~~

Yes, today is the last day of my sem7 final
which is my final year of my course..
4 days of exam complete for 4 subject..
i wish all the subject i could pass..
not hoping for A anymore..
is been 2 years in Sunway College..
the time past really fast..
when we know each other from the 1st time..
and dramatics of us..
is funny lor think back..
and now come till the last semester..
we do our trip lang tengah and phuket...
my fellow girls,
remember our plan trip..
HK? Bangkok? or Phuket again? Bali?
from today onwards, i have long long holiday..
yea end of the month i'm going to see my dad..
i'm out of the country end of the month of a week...
perhaps when i'm back sure quarantine myself.. ><

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Next week is final,
4 more days and i'm in Sunway University College..
and i'm still sick..
i been rushing to study all the 4 subject in this 3 days..
making short notes..
for me to understand more...yea.. been eating all this tablets since last sunday..
1 week already..
i wan to recover fast..
and my voice not recover yet too..

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm halfway doing my 65% report that contributed to my research subject..
i need to take a break..
i have less than 72 hours to study 4 subject..
and now i haven start yet...
and my report need to pass up tomolo..
dam shit...
is worst than my SWE report..
which this report i do not know what to write..
why we must have research ?
long way to go..
last semester..
need to find till last ...
and thursday will be free..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from genting yesterday,
will blog it later,
now i'm sleepy,
once i back from genting..
and now i'm sick..
am i get H1N1??
now having soar throat..
body aches from yesterday morning..
is all the symptoms of H1N1..
will go to visit doctor later...
advetise LT sunglasses