Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love Mi Concert 2010

First time ever, doing such a huge concert
with full of audience for 2 shows...
Yes is Sammi Love Mi World Tour Concert..
Is the 2nd stop of this world Tour concert...
First time ever, i see the fans waiting at the lobby early in the morning till midnight ..
The concert was great..
But for those who seat at the cheapest price scale,
i'm pity for them coz u cant see sammi face at all even there is a lcd..
due to the smoke in the arena...

First costume..

The guest artiste mc Jin..
original song is MC Yan

Han Jin & Sammi

White Christmas...


PICS wif da guest artiste..
Han Jin & MC Jinwith da band..
sadly have no chance take photo with the artiste..
is a been a tiring weekend doing this concert..
lack of sleep and all the ache pop up in the forehead><

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Talk Show

I have been doing alot of concert or show for the past few months..
but now i going for a talk show..
is been 2 years back since i attended concert as an audience...
Last sat, headed to the place where i work..
for Wong Tze Wah Talk Show..
it was full house.... all the seats in arena are full house...
even VIP seats....
i rated 8/10 for this talk show..
One thing i am so impress his talking is about blogger..
The old people use to write their thoughts and feeling in a diary with a tiny padlock..
but now everyone using blog to express their feeling..
blog is a public website for ppl to view about or get to noe u well..
or even update about u..
is true where blog can let everyone noe what thing who let u down
and what thing make u happy...
One example, this funny guy said blogger love to take food and post it to blog..
and eg : nasi lemak then he say is it the food that you eat?
is it special ? is it the ikan bilis is raw?
can move?
well, his talking is make sense duh....
the show took 2hrs to finish..
Will upload some recording on his show...

Friday, March 5, 2010


I have been thinking for the past few month why I'm need to be working with this kind environment. Is been so boring doing the same routine everyday and seating at here for 10 hours with the mumbling words keep in my ear. Frankly speaking,
I do not enjoy my work now I feel like going to somewhere where I can find my own freedom and do what I want and find back te inspiration that I use to have.
The now me have change alot comparing last time or the few months back of me.
I would not take thing seriously.
I would love freedom all the time no matter where am I or what I doing.
I wish to be on my own world and do what I like