Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is another day...

oh yea..
yesterday class..
which my last 2 weeks of class...
i get back my assignment..
law.. i feel relief..
i pass and now i need to aim for A if possible to maintain my cgpa...
i just hope what i had study and i noe how to answer on the exam paper...
and 2 more subject assignment haven take back..
and i dunno why u concentrate so much on the 'turn-it-in' software..
till now every one cant have back the marks..
and need to wait till next fri...
which few days before my final...
what r u doing? we pass our assignment been ages..
but u now only give us back..
and now only mark...
i just need start concentrate..
that all....

Monday, July 27, 2009

bad day..
speechless day..
dam pissed off..
i just dun understand why now only you give back the paper..
is near end of semester..
and u keep say this cant and that cant..
we are not in english course..
we taking HR and econ subject...
you want us to split out all the words in your notes..
is a hell for me...
sigh... =.=..
last thursday, follow maxx dinner steamboat again..
3 times in a week..
going to sick of it...
after steamboat... then went to fun ok cafe to have dessert..
i wanted to go long time ago
and finally i went..
is a household concept cafe..
is just like one of the cafe in taiwan which using similiar concept..
yippie.. ice cream.. and chat..

we play jingga... long time din play...

ice cream in dog tray.. XD

ice cream rojak

after the meal, maxx is superb bored.. and do this..
and then sad lor..
leave me alone..
ish bad lar you..
i will remember.. XD

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sat nite went to eastin for anna birthday..
i miss this bunch of frens..
it makes me thinks back alot of memories when we are in high school..
yea is been long i did not mix with u guys..
i hope genting trip really on..
i went off earlier
and went to ah yen and kin loong birthday at barcelona..
birthday boy and me
kesian baby putra..
let hongkie girl make him drunk..

picture of the day...
yea i'm super bored with my life now..
i just want to finish exam soon
and hopefully i will graduate..
i'm dam worry with my final..
3 weeks more....

Monday, July 20, 2009

20th birthday...

i have a tiring weekend..
friday poppy, sat eastin and barcelona...
and lack of sleep..
tiring weekend...

poppy nite..
having a great time ..
my darlings thanks for coming..
i have a great time with you guys..
we chill out together again k..
and apologize for did not accompany u guys lots...
and this picture of the day..
drunk girl..

Now blogging in comp lab,
i so dam sleepy
after 2 days party
and lack of sleep...
and NOW.. is time to back to study time...
3 more weeks to complete my diploma..
guys no party anymore k..
wait until middle of august..
dam is so fast.. 2 years and 5 months already...
supposely now need to do research but
in the end blog here...
will update party soon...
photo will upload in facebook later..
i need facebook..
why the school block it??
dummy dummy...

Law presentation tomolo...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's been 2 years back when i back to here,
i want to find this drink from singapore is 'whatever' and 'anything',
i had blog this in my previous blog..
whatever is non-carbonated drink and anything is carbonated drink..
since i'm always so freaking minded on what to drink and eat and so fussy..
is suitable for me..
and now yesterday nite, i went to kk store to grab something to eat..
and i found this yesterday..
is RM2 per can.

New template

i'm successful change the template..
is not that hard..
after sitting in front of my lappie around 2 hours..
Big big thanks to angeline and lee tien..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

OmFG, spending 2 hours..
and i cant change my skin..
and i back to normal skin.. argh...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

When i'm so tense up with all the assignment
and the life i going..
i will visit the link..
to many myself relief...

1 more month to complete..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On sat afternoon, i went to check in to nikko hotel..
the incident i occur is ..
why can a 5 star hotel?
people in the public and change pants?
why cant you go to the toilet and change..
omg is so ridiculous that happen in the 5 star hotel..
and i wonder what the guard is doing..
i just sitting opposite him..
is a shame....
well, nite time is wyman birthday..
went to party in the house and hotel..
mess up in the 5 star hotel. wow..
with liquor, snacks is a MUST..

highlight of the day..disgusting game.. feeding nips with feet..

nips in the nose hole...
play til 4something..
went to bed 5 something..
but kena disturb..
end up slept 1-2 hours..
and till now i'm so freaking tired...
going for nap now..

gonna concentrate 4 assignment all due next week
god bless me plz...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is JULY...
omfg.. is so fast..
times fly...
1 more month i will be seating for my final exam final year..
i pray this last sem i hope i no fail..
my mum keep asking me what i want after finish diploma?
i also do not know..
continue study? work? air stewardess? switch course?
nah... i'm the type of girl who keep changing ..
i do not know the answer yet..
i alwiz love do things last minute and decide things last minute..
i noe is not good for making decision especially for your future...