Friday, October 31, 2008

today i reach college and only realize that i din bring my wallet
without money , IC and license drive up to college from my house and go home..
but luckily no police..
is not the 1st time that i din bring my ic..
is more than 10 times..
but i'm save..
bless me..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i'm getting lost and lost since the new semester had start..
no mood for test, assignment ...
all the test i score badly..
for the upcoming mid term i hope
i can concentrate and study...
final is coming in one month time..
i really hope i can put a side the problem..
i might seem alright in front of people..
but when i'm alone i will stop thinking of u..
i just hope to draw a full....... in here..
painful... hurt.. sad.. all these while i get..
is it worth for me to get all these?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

it's been 4 months or more than that i din cut my hair..
so i went to saloon..
and trim back my hair..

and i cut my fringe...T-T

i noe is not suitable for me..
waiting my hair long back..
1 month?2 month?
my hair is super long to grow...

PS:assignment are killing me..
3 weeks from now will be busy with midterm and assignment..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

mid term..
finish my IMM mid term..
i screw the paper..
tml will be cost accounting..
is my weakest paper..
i duno how to do..

Monday, October 20, 2008

new born guinea pig

on the 17th october..
baby butter finally give birth..
this is the 2nd time that butter give birth and she succes ..
the 1st time she couldn't save the baby due to not enough month..
she is cleaning up the baby..

brownie and blackie..
still have the blood stain..

in the afternoon..finally clean up..

still eating mummy's milk..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

day 7

this is the last day at guilin...
waited to go theme park since the 1st day i came here...
here u go...
the theme similiar with genting..this is the 5star resort..

the garden outside the resort..

walk around 5 minute finally i reach the main gate of the theme park..
the theme park divide to african world,china world, europe world and fantasy world..
inside also have pet's along the way..
since only give us 3 hours to p
less pic taken..

the map of the theme park

baby goat..

here also got bungee jump only cost RM45 is cheap.. i regretted that i din try out..

roller coaster..
morning the theme park is just us only..

real cactus..ouch

horse riding..


aren't looks familiar?

fantasy world..

europe...where all the excitment games

the spin similiar at korea themepark..

4little penguin
denise,me , xiao le and vivian

minigame.. and i won a racoon back..

12pm depart from the Merryland resort
and proceed to lunch..
after lunch suppose to go another garden..
but all of us wan to last minute shopping..

therefore, we go to little hong kong..

where the underground is full of shop..

the clock in the middle of little hong kong street..

another show dream like Lijang..
is an acrobatic performance..

the performer

the twin pagoda made by pure copper and gold..

the night view of guilin.. is nice..
overall.. the trip is great..
not expected from wat we paid...
for those who like scenery..
can try out this place..

Day 6

finally i waited the day had come..
going to star at 5 star resort hotel..
which is merryland resort
which cost RM650 pernight..
before we go to meery land resort,
we been 3 places..
i forgot the name pai seh..

this is the ancient how to make paddy field..

the beautiful flower during autumn ..

in the village do have the orang aslo..

still can see ppl washing clothes at the river..

vivien and me

swt... wth is my dad doing..

this is the olden there how they make clothes and bag..

one of the famous garden..which have alot of history behind it..

that nite went to sing k and club at the resort..
was great spend the nite at the merryland resort..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

day 5

day 5 not rush for us..
is gonna be our free time which we can do our shopping at the western street located at Yangshuo..
which have many guai lou at there..
but before we leave Lipu,
we will go to Silver Limestone Cave

street to the cave

octopus head

guess look like what?tell me the answer ya...

this is the 1,000 years street

the aussie guy..

olden boat

finally a group pic..

this is the float sign..

west street where i shop..

at nite went to see Liu San JIe show..
is a must see when u go to Guilin..
a great show..
lighting, scenery was awesome..

the cave with light..