Monday, August 25, 2008

new semester start..
get my result..
erm not really satisfied with it..
but also glad that i didn't fail my account...
i get 3a 1 b 1c..
my last holiday will be my 1 week break on hari raya..
then is no more semester break for me
i will be in industrial training at the end of the year till next year APRIL..
omg.. T-T...
say GOODBYE to holiday
new semester here i come..
result coming out soon..

i haven prepare for the new semester
i wan more holiday...

Monday, August 18, 2008

PD & Bagan Lalang

sat nite headed to port dickson with last minute decision..
i thought i already recover all
but then sitting for so long in the car
my leg started to cramp..
then reach there around 10something..
started to bbq..

small shell catch midnight at the sea
then sleep at 1 something.. too tired..
but i could not sleep..
roll n roll only fell asleep..
and then wake up 7.30 next morning..
have breakfast ..
and go for morning swi
m at the pool..
i thought i can swim long
but the result i swim awhile my leg start to pain..
guess i really not fully recover yet..
then when to beach for walk..
noon check out and headed to BAGAN LALANG

reach there around 2 something
and the sand at ther are smooth and white..
and is so windy..

do i look like a kid?
ppl said i look like small kid while playing blowing bubble.. LOL

good night everyone..

Friday, August 15, 2008

omg i have veen insomnia for 2 weeks..
holiday going to end soon..
1more weeks to go..
yesterday was great..
meet up with mario yep..
it's been long time that i din meet u up
and have conflict in between the time when we did not contact each other..
i just hope u really forgive me...
i'm sorry about last time...
our friendship i hope still strong...
currently i playing jack's psp..
thanks for lend me when u back to ur hometown..
addicted with patamon, FFVIIcore crisis, and harvest moon..
i noe kinda late to play all this game..
as in i wish to have my own psp...
i still thinking wan to buy anot...
guess nth to blog already...

Monday, August 11, 2008

it's been long time i din go to shopping..
yesterday went to pyramid shop..
but can't walk too long..
once i walk long my back hurts..
but i bought what i wan..
omg.. i have insomnia since i start holiday...
i 3am only can sleep...
wat can i do?
middle of the night my leg will cramp...
i wish to recover fast and go play...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

1st week of holiday been doing nothing..
can u imagine 2days i finish 24 episode drama..
i have nothing much to do except going yum cha, exercise, shopping n sleep..
i really need a job to spend my holiday..
i'm so boring at home....

i eat this stupid medicine since last week ...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


finals is over...
i will be having holiday for 3 weeks..
i dun think i will enjoy much this holiday..
due to my sickness...
so feel free to ask me out if i'm free...

bryan, sorry i couldn't make it to the tioman..

due to my sickness that back injured.. haiz

Friday, August 1, 2008

study week

i fall a sick since monday...
how going i concentrate on my study..
final in 4 days more?
with all the notes around...
i dam worry my account...