Saturday, May 31, 2008

look out point again

yesterday nite..
went to look out point again..
sigh.. this 2 months keep going there..
for dinner n yum ccha..
is been long time din meet twins, wey keet, pulin , n san..
so meet them at pandan jaya lrt..
i forget the road how to go ...
after that wey keet lead the road.. so i follow ..
but then he bring me go to small genting in tmn muda there..
i so dam pissed off that time..
coz hungry ma...
then around7.45 only reach the destination..
next time i wont ask him to lead the road ..
end up i lead the road...
but thx to wai leng n eugenia...
got improvement of remembering the road..when we reach look out restaurantshe too hungrytom yam *yummy*pic of the day

Thursday, May 29, 2008


happy birthday stanley tai..
26th already...
big boy..
should call u uncle stan..

my stupid bloody playfool pc is making trouble with me again...
lappy time again..
darn i hate this notebook...
useless ..
i need to off9 to do all my assignment..
if not i will lagging like shit...
that day i do marketing till so bored and i search some pic..
look what i have fun..
i miss those day..
having fun in the school...

i so hardwoking.. studying.. guess wat i study?
*perasan*some randomly pic...

this 3 pic kena bully story line..kesian me lar
lol.. u still can laugh...
miss u guys ..


finally i finish my marketing ...
with 4 refrences book..
i'm interested with marketing subject...
marketing is vy wide subject..
u must noe every single thing..
my fren told me before if wan study marketing make sure next time come out dun be direct seller..
this was the lecturer told her...
yesterday was my malaysian studies test..
i score 14/20..
i think i finish it 5 minutes...
is true n false question only...
that why i so fast...
i still got 2 more assignment to go...
due on monday...

Monday, May 26, 2008


thanks got my pc was back home less than 24 hours..
i'm so stress..
so many stuff i need to do ...

marketing case study -30 may
management -2 june
ms project office -2 june

malaysia studies test - 28 may

fidelio test 1 - 28 may

i wan to die man..
i need to stick my butt to my chair n start doing all these stuff...

i love rainy day...

should i extend my hair?
hmm.. opinion plz...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

*eno eno eno*

my dekstop gone to hospital again...
sigh.. now i have to use this ancient notebook to online
and do my assignment...
yesterday sent to the guy to repair
then go yum cha with him.. after he back he check nth happen..
the com is playing a fool with me...
when i at my house test blue screen come out...
deng...omg...holy crap..-.-
i wan back my comp asap...
i wan to do my stuff...

Friday, May 23, 2008


i so dam farking pissed off mood now..
i trusted u for 2 years..
and u give me a lame reason ..
hello.. i not 3 years old kid okay..
i'm going to be 19 years old..
called u up from almost 1hr n u din answer
n this morning u give a lame shit reason to me...
realize that u r so useless to me...
just wasting my time...
i fully trusted u in this 2 years..
and now drop till 0%..
i'm speechless....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

look out point

is an outdated post..
last friday went up to langat hill..
to met up with my darlingz coz one of my darlingz going to kampar to study..
as she alwiz told us 3 years cant see me..

yue and me
*i'm gonna miss u*
three of us

is been long time we din hang out together..
i miss our school days that use to hang out...
everyone is busy ownstuff..
appreciate whatever is in front of u...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


should call paint ball but i name it to painball coz is dam pain when u get shoot...
this is my 2nd time went for paintball..
located at nearby kuala selangor... called tanamera
when i reach there
the field like wth dam bloody big place..
is like u going for real war or something..
no pic for the place..
around 50 of us went there..
mostly are first timer..
i also noob in paintball..
i first time i just get 1 bruised..
but this time i get 7 bruised..
5 in the back.. 1 in my arm.. another in my leg...
is dam pain..

the leg on the first day..

the 2nd day ..
can u see the difference?

my hand that hurt by thorns...
and today become like this

pain man...the rest in my back.. can show it.. lol
yesterday ko around 10+...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

credit to sushi..
wat a weird blog name i have...
randomly this is the 3rd blog...
i have been updating n deleting blog..
kinda lazy..
n as u all know..
i got how busy but i think myself too free in the house..
that makes me lazy to blog..