Monday, June 30, 2008

fashion fusion@ zouk

last friday attend fashion fusion event
which done by sem 5 n sem 2 student in SHTLM..

the event was ok lar...
jien as the host....
body art fashion show..
there is a cute guy .. LOLbelly dancer

taken before marketing class.
all sam pat liao... sigh...

5days to go...
phuket here i come...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

guinea pig

finally little j have owner..

when he born out..

when he still in month drinking his mother's milk

i gave to aurora lil J n peanut....

now my house left this 2 naughty boy and butter...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


finally, i had done with all my mid terms..
and my booklet..
give me headache..
but the booklet when print out got technical problem..
i duno how now...
today is my last mid term which is the marketing paper..
this paper make the whole student skip whole day class...
imagine only mid term..
final i think we all
case study due next week...
need to start doing already...
sigh.. chill for today...

i'm looking forward to phuket...

*currently playing fashion dash*

Friday, June 20, 2008


finally i pass up the stupid essay..
which i do not have enough word to pass up..
dun give a dam to it..

ok well,.
my car is back..
guess how much i repair


brand new car now... hehe...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

disaster day

this morning i headed to college i was involve in an accident..
and my car bumper fell off..

and then i late for my fidelio test..
but manage to score ...
and then i skip the talk n go home..
was totally down n no mood..
n dunno wat should i do..
then go home.. my house was a mess..
got a big wind in my area.. till all
the signage in my house area also come drop..
need to clean up my house..

p/s: thx angeline for the kind of help for asking me whether need u fetch me to college anot..
thx for those concern bout me...
lov u guys...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

busy week

firstly need to wish happy belated birthday
to my darling and peter gan..
and today is my dearest mario ..
happy birthday ya..
really sorry din contact u much since i enter college..
till our friendship far away..
just hope we can go back to last time...

finally my management n account mid term had finish..
management was ok..
account totally in the opposite side...
i think i will get turtle egg...=.=
i really need mentol..
who willing to be my guru for teaching me account?
i mean for FOC...
tml still got fidelio test...
n thursday no class...
i still have essay to do..
need help...
5k word...

Friday, June 13, 2008


i dunno that sunway area still have uneducated ppl..
i park outside side gate nearby curry house there..
and my car kena scratch..
so dam fuking pissed off..
i finish class at 3.30 then
the scratch still fresh ...
the scratch not only 1 side..
is 2 side..

i curse that ppl who scratch my car.. wont have a good life...

although is not my car..
but i feel the pain...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

GUINEA pig Adoption

ADOPTION anyone?
it is a guinea pig..
born on the 14 May 08
wont bite ppl
eat guinea pig's food, cucumber, vegetables or fruits
must bath every 2weeks
anyone interested contact me..

busy busy

this 2 weeks will be busy for me..
assignment.. mid term are coming..
i haven start to do my revision..
been lazy and playful this few week..
really hope that i have enough time ..
i really feel that 24 hours is not enough for me..

Sunday, June 8, 2008


yesterday went to club..
reach poppy at 10 something..
then wan to go in but kena check ic..
only me kena
then go to aloha...
same incident again...
that time so pissed off already...
then change place.. to sunshine or mansion..
wasted Rm20 for car park at poppy there...
mansion got event no place for us...
then sunshine can enter...
but then is super boring..
and got dj andrew tan..
one word describe sunshine andrew tan
then around 1am..
went to zouk...
then to velvet..
one day i can go so many club..
went back at 3.30 ..
so many road block at chan sow lin area..
phew.. lucikly can avoid 2 road block using some short cut...
reach home at 4.30 am..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


petrol price go up till2.70 per litter..
0.78 increase..
is so expensive...
must cut down my travel n speeding already...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bang kaboom

today after class so heavy rain..
when going back that fly over sunway to puchong toll there..
floood ..
and my car is so dam low..
i dun care lar.. just go only..
then the brake enter water already..
my brake is not tight wan..
then when cornering that time,..
spin half round and go to another lane..
luckily no car beside another lane..
if not i
my heart beating dam fast that time..

this month is killing me ..
3rd week of june..
i have my account, management , marketing mid term..
haiz... cham....