Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have neglected my blog for a year plus.
And now i will bring my blog alive....
This is my 3rd week in brisbane, Australia...
Leaving my bf... my babes .. my grandma... [Sad]
I wish to have them with me now...
Ya i know i'm better than other international student coz i have my mum at here...
Someone to cook for me ..
but i have no frens at here..
i want to hang out.. shopping.. party....
i hope i can cope the environment asap....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I wondering why nowadays people around me are good in mumbling!!!!!
Is my occasion i want to invite who i like..
Is not one you guys to decide .....
I plan to invite because i respect them...
the decision for them to come is up to them..
If u guys doesn't want me to invite ...
Is okay for me not to invite..
and i won't give a damn to hold the function..
I will have my own plan...
One call is enough..
I dun need so many freaking aunty uncle to contact me..
and say the reason....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mummy 's Day

The one who born me ...
The one who suffer when i do not want to get out from the stomach..
The one who raise me up till now...
The one who pamper me all the time..
The one who nagging on me ...
The one who taking care of me when i'm sick...
The one who do not know how to cook but trying to cook for me when i'm sick...
The one who let me yell at....
Yes, is all about mum..
It will be very different for me..

Use to celebrate with her every year..
but this year will be different ...
She is far far away from me...
But at least i know you are happily in there and..
I big enough to take care of myself..
Do not worry...
Just i still miss the way i use to be pamper all the time...
Mum, I love you.
Another year coming we will be meeting up...

Monday, April 26, 2010

I had been MIA not to blog almost a month.
Yea I do not what to blog. Coz I ruin my life.
I had been totally lost and dunno what I do to
judge which is right or wrong.
A lot of people had been telling me I have
bright future where I no need stick in this country.
Yes I have the chance to get out from here but
one thing I can't let go is a thing that had been with me
for so many years.
But still now had enter 2nd quater of the year
I still in the undecided condition.
I have been 50% of doin it and no.
I need more time to think about it.
Do not force me when the times come I will let u Noe
the answer.
Yes people I'm back in the party world seem I
have lost in the party for few months.
Drink!drank!drunk!party! Fun!
Enjoy the life to fullest.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grandma 88th Birthday

is grandma 88th birthday..
i was so dam tiring after the shows at genting..
i reach home around 4 something and have a quick nap..
then prepare to go for dinner..
yea.. we had the celebration at restaurant siang..
we in a room with a package deal of RM888++ per table..
in conjunction with my grandma 88 years old,
my uncle took all the 8 number, include angpao, table light and etc etc...

pretty cousin and me...

yea cake cutting ceremony..

one big family photo....
*for those cousins are close with me are not invited because granny are not welcoming*
*family become lesser an
d lesser*

Dearest grandma and me..
The one who take care of me since i'm baby..
the one who stay with me till now...
the one who pamper me all the time..
the one who let me scold when i'm not in the mood..
But anyhow,
I love you popo..
May you stay longer
and healthy always..
and wait my mum to back in town..