Monday, April 26, 2010

I had been MIA not to blog almost a month.
Yea I do not what to blog. Coz I ruin my life.
I had been totally lost and dunno what I do to
judge which is right or wrong.
A lot of people had been telling me I have
bright future where I no need stick in this country.
Yes I have the chance to get out from here but
one thing I can't let go is a thing that had been with me
for so many years.
But still now had enter 2nd quater of the year
I still in the undecided condition.
I have been 50% of doin it and no.
I need more time to think about it.
Do not force me when the times come I will let u Noe
the answer.
Yes people I'm back in the party world seem I
have lost in the party for few months.
Drink!drank!drunk!party! Fun!
Enjoy the life to fullest.

1 comment:

ღ JιинJιин ღ said...

Dearie darling...need no really bother about giving your decision so need time in doing discussion..just tell those ppl around u that u need time and dun force u..there are sort of terrible if the force u...they just dun understand how you feel..coz they are not you..dun simply make decision because of the force around u...u have your right to make u darling!!